“Step by step, inch by inch. We can make a difference.”

Article by Shamir Jiwa, CEO maximeyes group

Fuel the change is about innovation, challenging the norm and thinking differently. Almost 2.5 million people in our country suffer from an inability to heat their homes during winter. 9,000 people die every year because of fuel poverty. We find it totally unacceptable that in the 21st century, in a country that is seen as one of the most advanced and successful economies in the world, we have thousands of young families risking their lives because they have to make a decision whether to eat or heat their home.

I believe that with the Fuel the Change, we have now found a path to creating a better future for these people

Calling on businesses to join forces

The idea is simple: For every 10GWh of energy managed through this initiative, we help lift one UK household out of fuel poverty. We are calling on businesses around the country to help us with our initiative. We want to create a ripple effect where businesses start to see and understand that there actually is a triple win here, for business, for their customers and for society. People need to start to think in that mind frame, that social impact is not a cost, it’s an opportunity. Companies will receive the best prices for their utilities; they will experience extraordinary customer service from one of the best consultancies in the country, they will add value to their Corporate Social Responsibility – all while helping to save people’s lives. Everybody is a winner.

1,000 Homes Out of Fuel Poverty by 2020

We have already put the funds in motion for 4 households and those are going to be directed to four of the most vulnerable people that may not make it through next winter. 2 projects have already been completed with the support from the Foundations Independent Living Trust: “Mrs S said, without maximeyes assisting with paying for the work, she would not have been able to get the problem fixed and that had caused her to feel worried and anxious. She now feels happier and much safer in her home. Mrs S is pleased she now has running hot water and heating in her home again.” Our aim is to lift 1,000 homes out of the fuel poverty trap by the end of 2020. I hear what most people think: 2.4 million people suffer, 9,000 people die every year, how can we possible make a difference?

Business is at the Heart of Everything that Changes Society

Baroness Sandip Verma, former Energy Minister, a vocal supporter of the Fuel the Change initiative summed up the action for business in a strong and passionate statement: “If collectively we can’t change the lives of a thousand people then there is really something wrong in the way we see our own corporate social responsibility. Let’s come together and let’s not think that we can’t make a difference because I know we can.”