We combine new thinking and new ways of working with proven, reliable and efficient technologies to deliver sustainably sourced, decentralised energy at a lower cost than your current grid based supply.

Solar PV

Take advantage of the sunlight to reduce your costs and save the planet. The Solar Photovoltaic panels guarantee a significant saving in energy issues that places you one step ahead of your competition.

Solar Thermal

Take advantage of the sunlight to reduce your costs and save the planet. Forget about fossils fuels and change to sunlight. You will reduce your operative costs, reduce your carbon footprint and manage a more efficient business in one shot.

LED Lighting

Efficiency, Savings and quality long lasting. LED lamps require much less energy to operate and its quality of illumination is superior so your energy consumption will be more efficient, saving money and taking advantage of maximum quality lighting.

Insulation / Shadowing

Avoid heat, cold and the growth of your energy bills. A good thermal insulation makes the most of the energy consumption since it reduces the losses of cold and heat. An estimated savings of up to 30% in heating and air conditioning.


Integration, safety and productivity make smarter businesses. Increase the level of productivity and save time in the development of safety-related activities (CCTV, detection and extinction of fires, control of access or assets) or electromechanical systems (A/C, lighting systems, electricity or elevators) of your building.

Heat Pumps

Efficient, versatile and money-saving. The heat pumps are a good investment for your business. Get heat and cold and energy and money saving, in addition reducing your carbon footprint.


Less fuel to produce, less gases emissions, more efficiency in your business. CHP system gives you the power to produce and control your own energy. The system takes less fuel to produce energy and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. You will get cheaper energy bills and a completely strong energy system that will supply you even in the event of a disaster or grid disruption.

Battery Storage

A smarter way to improve your energy consumption. This is the economical and most popular way to reduce your peak consumption and improve your energy efficiency.

Biomass Boilers

Renewable, carbon neutral and cheaper than electric. Take advantage of wood and start saving on your energy bills producing your own heat or fuel and taking care of the environment reducing your carbon footprint.