Here at maximeyes we are driven by a simple goal. We are a company founded to revolutionise the customer experience within the utilities industry. What does that actually mean though? Is the industry so bad that we really have to actively work hard to set ourselves apart as a company who provide a positive customer experience?

In a word – Yes. Utility suppliers can be difficult to deal with and are infamously slow to act. There are rogue brokers active in the industry working solely for their own profit and the industry in itself is notoriously complicated and multi-faceted.

At maximeyes we have a few simple policies which prevent us from becoming just another untrustworthy broker in a competitive industry

  1. Our dual account management service means you will always get through to someone familiar with your portfolio.
  2. Our “Next action date” policy means you will never have to chase us for an update. We will always update you within a pre-agreed timeframe.
  3. We have strong relationships with over 20 suppliers and experience with handling portfolios of all sizes and types.
  4. As a consultancy we have gained the vast majority of our new business through referrals and recommendations from current clients. We never use pushy or underhand sales tactics.

Take a look at the below infographic we’ve put together to highlight some of the utility related difficulties most commonly experienced by business owners.

If any of the above sounds familiar why not send us a message and see what we can do to help your business with your utility requirements today!