Leveraging Strong Partnerships

We are always looking for new opportunities to further the growth of the maximeyes Group. Whether you are a start-up business looking for an incubator environment to support your growth, an existing business looking for investment or support or a partner looking to work with us we are interested in hearing from you.

Delivering Growth Through Market Disruption

We like to partner with ambitious, technology driven businesses who are looking to disrupt traditional marketplaces. We’re currently working with companies like PureDrive Energy, where we are helping them to grow their UK business, while also opening up new territories and opportunities overseas.

Puredrive Energy Ltd is a British company that designs, develops, builds and distributes its own products to a broad spectrum of clients both home and abroad. With UK assembly of its products it is ideally placed to exploit its clearly established supply chain to maximum effect. Making delivery and distribution, in volume, to its UK market place speedy and simple.

Puredrive Energy can call upon over 10 years of experience in the development, deployment, placement of Solar Battery Storage Box technologies and energy storage solutions. Puredrive Energy is at the forefront of battery centric energy storage systems.

The Puredrive Energy range of products has been born out of over 10 years of market and customer experience. The system has cutting edge technology and software to make the whole system run seamlessly, keeping imported grid energy to a minimum and maximising your renewable energy consumption from 30% to 85%.

Our Support

New Ventures

If you are looking for an investment partner to support your new business, we are geared up to help you grow. From our in-house shared services, to shared office space we can help you get your venture off the ground faster. Our expertise and experience mean that you can accelerate your growth and reduce your challenges.


We’re always looking for business who can partner with for mutual benefit. If you are in the energy solutions or utilities space and are interested in working with us as a partner, then we are really interested in talking to you.

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