Greenwich Promenade LLP

New elec connection at the Cutty Sark on Greenwich Promenade, including meter installation and supply contract.
Details: In 2006 the Cutty Sark was closed to the public for the Conservation Project. A new electrical connection was required to facilitate a load of over 1000KVA, supplying the ship as well as the nearby promenade.

The client approached maximeyeseyes in March 2011 with an incomplete £400k quotation received from the local DNO. Project completion was scheduled for Spring 2012 in order to be ready for the London Olympics. There were number of local authorities’ regulations that had to be accommodated and all street works planned within strict time frames.

Action Taken: maximeyeseyes appointed various independent contractors to participate in the tender for a new 1064KVA connection and meter installations for several supply points. After a couple of site visits offers were submitted within 25 working days. The most competitive quotation showed a saving of over £80,000 compared to the offer from the DNO and also offered a staggered payment option and faster completion time. Net Benefit

A cost reduction of over £80,000
3 phase payment schedule: 25% payable upon acceptance, 50% at the construction phase and 25% prior to energisation
Energisation completed within 16 weeks, meeting the strict timeframes imposed by the local authorities.
maximeyes managed the installation of electric meters, including the provision of competitive supply contracts.