Fuel the change Q&A

Q: What is the purpose of the Fuel The Change initiative?

A: Through this initiative we aim to provide benefit to your business while helping to save lives – thus finding a synergy between business and social value. We call it the virtuous cycle.

Q: What is fuel poverty?

A: Fuel poverty is a term used to describe households who are unable to keep their homes adequately heated in winter, resulting in suffering, illness and in thousands of people dying from living in a cold home. See here for more information.

Q: What does fuel poverty do?

A: Households living in fuel poverty face the dire choice between heating their homes in winter and meeting other basic needs such as eating. Fuel poverty is directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people across the UK, it is also linked depression, mental health and with many chronic illnesses. It also has a significant impact on children’s health and their educational attainment.

Q: Who is affected by fuel poverty?

A: It is estimated that fuel poverty affects over 4 million UK households – roughly 15.% of all households. You can learn more about fuel poverty here.

Q: What does GWh of energy mean?

A: GWh stands for Giga Watt per hour and is a measurement of electrical energy. 60-watt light bulbs use 60 watts. A GWh is the same as 1,000,000,000 watts.

Q: How much is 10GWh?

A: It’s comparable to the same energy required to power and heat 10 hotels.

Q: What sort of measures will you take?

A: We will work with public bodies to identify households most in need and take steps to make homes warmer such as improving insulation in the home to reduce heat loss.