Bureau Solutions

Understanding your energy consumption to reduce cost and waste

Understanding your energy consumption is critical before you can take action to reduce your costs. Our Bureau Services can help you to unlock the hidden costs within your energy consumption data, such as supplier overcharges or inefficient usage. Our Bureau Services enable you to outsource all elements of the invoice management process, from consumption and bespoke reporting, portfolio management, MOP reviews and validation through to payment of the suppliers.


We have the capability and expertise to validate each element of your utility invoice every month, ensuring the accuracy of your bills to avoid overpaying – even before you pay it if you prefer. We can also analyse historical bills on your behalf and help you recoup overcharges.

Invoice Management

We find that around one in five utility invoices contain errors. Checking your invoices in-house costs approximately £30 per invoice to validate and process each one. We provide a cost-effective service, which protects your business from unexpected cost by having your invoices professionally checked.

Invoice Reporting

Our data processing and analytical team produce intuitive utilities consumption reporting, which highlights your consumption patterns and volumes, enabling you to benchmark your whole portfolio to identify energy saving initiatives.

“I was very impressed with the service maximeyes provided to our company. They have allowed us to offer a better service to our clients by promptly offering competitive rates for various sites we manage. We have used other such companies previously, however maximeyes have constantly offered a much faster turnaround time.”


With energy market volatility and costs rising by 25%, businesses face cost pressures from every direction. Getting the easy wins through recovering historic overcharges and preventing future errors can have a significant positive impact on the bottom line.

How we work

We follow a flexible but tested methodology, using market leading technology and some of the best industry talent, to help you to get better control over your utilities management.

Understand your Portfolio

We have the in-house scale and expertise to manage all of your company’s utilities invoice management.

Analytical Expertise

We apply analytical expertise, to help you find ways to reduce your costs.

Invoice Accuracy Checks

Our Bureau Services Team ensure that all your utility invoices have been checked and are correct.


We give you the assurance to know that your utility costs are being scrutinised quickly and efficiently.


Expert, cost effective help with your utility administration, leaving you free to focus on more important things, like running the business.


Detailed analysis to help you identify ways to help you reduce your energy costs

End-to-end offering

A complete portfolio of services, means you can have total control and clearer understanding


Avoid overcharging or unexpected costs, which can have a detrimental impact on your profit

Speak to one of our team to find out how our bureau services an value to your business

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