Imagine a Business could find the exact type of person they are looking for within seconds?

    Bamba is a real-time data gathering platform which engages and accesses the 1.5 billion people in emerging markets via mobile feature phones. More specifically, the technology allows the building of highly targeted and responsive panels for data collection whilst incentivising respondents with instant mobile airtime.

    Bamba was launched in 2013 by co-founders Al Ismaili, Shehzad Tejani and Faiz Hirani with the aim of locating the hard-to-find target using their demographic targeting technology. In 2016 Bamba Group was selected to participate in the Techstars accelerator programme held in Austin, Texas, becoming the first East African company accepted onto the programme. Here the Bamba founders gained business development mentorship, customer acquisition guidance, talent recruitment channels and initial capital.

    Considering the rapid growth of the company and their penetration into the African market, Shamir Jiwa (CEO of The Maximeyes Group) saw a strategical move in acquiring Bamba in order to gain a foothold in the technology market, specifically in Africa.

    The problem

    Finding the right people for Consumer Research is Challenging.

    Finding the right people for Sales Lead Generation is even more Challenging.

    Respondents are difficult to access
    Cost for access is too high
    Research activity takes months
    Sales conversion rates are low

    How is handled today?

    Market Research Firms
    approach panel providers settling for standard demographics rather than highly targeted demographics
    B2C Enterprises
    use traditional marketing (print advertising, online advertising, send agents on-ground) with low conversion rates
    The Solution

    We specialize in the Hard-to-Find

    One Techonology - Two Use Cases

    Market Research Use Case

    Bamba was hired by Ipsos to collect data on the use of solar
    energy products across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

    The targeted demographic to fill was:
    Consumer who owned a specific solar power system
    Consumer above the age of 25 years
    Consumer was desicion-maker in the household
    Consumer willing to be surveyed at a later time by the market research firm

    Lead Generation Use Case (pilot stage)

    Bamba was hired by SunCulture to provide targeted leads
    for their sales team in Kenya.

    The targeted demographic to fill was:
    Use a well for household water
    Use a petrol pump or electric pump

    Pay > $30 USD per month to use it

    These panels were screened and surveyed with the results delivered within 10 days. Bamba panelists responded with a staggering (average) of 79% to the market research firm's follow up surveys.
    These panels were screened and surveyed with results delivered within 5 days. SunCulture expects a better conversion rate than any other existing channel.

    Currently Bamba technology is being used exclusively by a Business who are building a marketing application to generate warm leads at a low cost, however if you would like to discuss the potential of Bamba’s revolutionary technology you can contact us at:

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